• 稚奈に優しくない英奈&玲美


    FACEBOOK 2012/11/18Remi notices China who approached the lumber room and closes a door.When Ena entered the lumber room, she left China, and she has closed a door.Father told them not to have to le

  • かえるの歌の演奏で楽しませてくれる玲美


    FACEBOOK Ena and Remi play song of the frog with the xylophone of the toy.Ena plays it well, but Remi cannot yet play it well.Remi could not yet play it well, but She delighted us by innocent charm

  • 欲張りですぐ泣いてしまう玲美&稚奈


    FACEBOOK Three sisters are going to distribute two bread in three people.Ena of the eldest daughter suggested, raise it by one in Tina; and Ena and Remy nothing to half.Remi is dissatisfied with sug

  • 楽しく遊んでたのに突然ふてくされる玲美


    FACEBOOK Remi played a balloon with grandmother and Ena.Remi played happily, but she lie face down suddenly and grieves.She has many such actions recently.Probably she will have some stress.2013/3

  • 玲美に奪われて泣いてしまう稚奈


    FACEBOOK Remi takes the scissors of the toy away from Tina.Father warns Remi to return it to Tina, but Remi is not going to readily return it.Remi threw the scissors of the toy unwillingly, and Tina

  • 滑り台を上手に滑れるようになった稚奈


    FACEBOOK Three sisters love parks and they went out to the neighboring park to play.Because Ena and Remi play many times in a park, they are used to playing in a park, and Tina plays happily recently

  • 稚奈にフルーチェをあげる優しい玲美


    FACEBOOK Remi eats "Furu-che" of House Foods, and she gives it to Tina.However, Tina does not have a spoon, and Tina is going to drink, but does not come out of a glass because "Furu-che" is strong i

  • 鍵盤ハーモニカ入門で悪戦苦闘する英奈


    FACEBOOK Ena students in the first grade learned how to play the harmonica.She plays it several times, but does not readily do it well.Remi sang a song and Tina pushed the same place of the keyboard

  • ずる賢いけど偉い稚奈とただわがままな玲美


    Tina is playing her toy trumpet.Remi claims the trumpet is hers and tries to take it away.Tina was about to give the trumpet to Remi, but right before handing it over, she says, "No way!" and laughs

  • 仲良しすぎて笑いが止まらない玲美と稚奈


    FACEBOOK Remi eats ice cream, and Tina eats a pudding.Remi says greetings repeatedly, and Tina imitates Remi.They perform it repeatedly and it becomes fun and shows a smile.Remi has broken a spoon