• 【ibisPaint】Mirror Ruler

    【ibisPaint】Mirror Ruler

    【Mirror Ruler】This is Yuki. You can draw a face, front view, by using the mirror ruler on ibis Paint! You can see how the face balances out, which makes easier to edit your drawing.Download: Please

  • 【ibisPaint】Rotation Ruler + French cruller

    【ibisPaint】Rotation Ruler + French cruller

    【Rotation Ruler + French cruller】This is Yuki. I was hungry so I used a rotational symmetry ruler to draw a French cruller. If you take the ruler off once you have the shape and warp and change it in

  • 【ibisPaint】Kaleidoscope Ruler + Sunflower

    【ibisPaint】Kaleidoscope Ruler + Sunflower

    【Kaleidoscope Ruler + Sunflower】This is Yuki. I tried using ibisPaints kaleidoscope ruler and rotation ruler to draw a summery sunflower! Use the right feature for each area for a challenging, fun pro

  • 【ibisPaint】Screen Tone

    【ibisPaint】Screen Tone

    "An Introduction of Screen Tone Function": Hi! Its me, Yuki. In ibis Paint, you just switch Blend Mode tab to Screen Tone tab on a popup menu of the layer tool, you can put screen tone as easy as you

  • 【ibisPaint】Wet Edge

    【ibisPaint】Wet Edge

    【Wet Edge】This is Yuki. ibis Paint also lets you create watercolor-style illustrations! By combining the watercolor brush with the "Wet Edge" filter, you can make your creations look even more like ge

  • 【ibisPaint】How to make your own stylus pen

    【ibisPaint】How to make your own stylus pen

    【How to make your own stylus pen】 This Misa. I made a stylus pen and did the drawing with the ibis Paint. It is easy to make with a bag of snacks and a cellophane tape, and try to challenge it.Downlo

  • 【ibisPaint】How to Draw the Face

    【ibisPaint】How to Draw the Face

    【How to Draw the Face】 This is Misa. I explained how to draw the face with ibis Paint. If you can not draw parts well, and draw the rough, it becomes easier to imagine the finished figure, it is easy

  • 【ibisPaint】How to Paint Hair

    【ibisPaint】How to Paint Hair

    【How to paint hair】This is Misa. I had a go at painting hair with ibis Paint. To bring out the texture of hair, I used "Pen(Fade)" brush a lot. I used the highlight and shadow tools to draw cleanly to

  • 【ibisPaint】I bought a pen tablet for Android!!

    【ibisPaint】I bought a pen tablet for Android!!

    Search for "HUION HS64" with Google search ♪【I bought a pen tablet for Android!!】 This is Misa! I will be able to use the pen pressure detection with the ibis paint on Android! ! The pen tablet has a

  • 【ibisPaint】How to draw Manga【Easy】

    【ibisPaint】How to draw Manga【Easy】

    【How to draw Manga】 This is Misa! Manga manuscript paper has been added with ibis Paint material, so I drew a manga! Ibis Paint has a lot of functions to draw Manga, so you can draw easily!◆ Manga T